Where’s The Best Place to Purchase Used Office Furniture in Tampa?

August, 15 2016

Here’s a question we hear quite often —

Where’s the best place to purchase used office furniture?

And here’s our answer —

You can buy used office furniture online from private sellers — like on Ebay, Craigslist or from the Classified Ads in the local newspapers (yes, people still do that)…but your best option when purchasing used furniture locally in Tampa or St. Pete is to buy it from a company that specializes in used office furniture.

So why is that?

For a few reasons…

  • You’ll have a lot more selection to choose from
  • You can typically find office furniture that matches your current office design
  • The quality of the furniture will be higher
  • Experts advice is included
  • And if you’re buying multiple desks, chairs, and other pieces of furniture (like shelving, storage, etc.), office furniture stores will typically offer financing and bulk order discounts to help you save money.

You’ll have a lot more selection to choose from

If you’re a home based business or an executive who works at home, you may be looking to add a new, more comfortable office chair to your workspace. And perhaps an office furniture store won’t be the best place for you. However…local office furniture stores often have a large selection of furniture and will either have just the right chair or desk for you — or can source what you’re looking for.

For mid-size and larger businesses who need to refit their office space with multiple pieces of furniture, an office furniture store is really the best place to start.

You’re not likely to find 15 waiting room seats or 10 conference room leather chairs (in black, from a specified manufacturer) at your local Tampa yard sale.

Office managers and facility managers across Central Florida know that when they’re looking for a wide selection of furniture to choose from — or have specific requirements (like matching an existing office design) — that teaming up with the sales people at an office furniture store like ours is the best way to go.

You’ll find office furniture that matches your current office design

This is pretty important for most of our clients, especially if you’re adding furniture to your office.

If you have 2 new employees starting in a few weeks, you’ll likely be looking to find cubicles or desks that match your current employee’s workstations. Most likely, you’ll want to match office chairs and other items as well.

Too, if you’re looking to overhaul the furniture in your office (either because of an office redesign or because your current furniture has “aged out”) you’ll want to work with a furniture store that can offer used, refurbished and new furniture options. Your budget generally dictates which direction you’ll take — but know that most used office furniture stores either have in their current inventory or can source for you — high quality, nice looking furniture — often so nice that your employees and office visitors won’t know the difference.

The quality of the furniture will be higher

Used office furniture stores in Tampa Bay are built to service a wide variety of clients — from Inc. 5000 tech companies St. Pete, to South Tampa start-ups to 5-employee law firms in Brandon.

Each client has specific needs based on budget, desired style and furniture functionality.

In order to provide the best selection for this spectrum of clients, furniture stores like ours will carry inventory that is “of higher quality” — that means the furniture will meet certain standards, like:

  • The furniture is clean
  • The furniture looks good
  • The furniture has been refurbished
  • The furniture has been fixed or repaired
  • All pieces and parts are include

You get help from office furniture experts

We really can’t emphasize this enough.

Buying office furniture, especially if you’re buying multiple pieces or are trying to match your new furniture to existing furniture, can be a bit overwhelming.

Our team can help you:

  • Decide which furniture options best suit your needs
  • Space plan — determine how your new furniture will best fit within your space
  • Source specific furniture or manufacturer brands as needed
  • Manage the delivery, install and set-up of your new furniture
  • Answer any and all questions throughout the search and buying process

There is certainly a lot more that we can help you with, but this provides a good overview.

Financing and bulk order discounts can help you save money

This is certainly important to businesses who need to buy multiple items — like outfitting a call center with 100 new workstations for a space near the Tampa airport. Or for a company searching for 15 used Herman Miller Aeron Chairs for its executive team in Clearwater.

Savings on used office furniture can be significant — often from 50% to 70% or more off brand new office furniture. Yet, adding 10 new cubicles, chairs and additional items can still take the office furniture costs into the thousands of dollars range. It’s important to know that bulk discounts can be available.

How can we help you find the office furniture that you need?

Looking for more information during your furniture search? No matter where your business is located within the Tampa Bay area, we can help.

Please contact us today at 813-302-9995 or fill out the contact form on this page.