Can I Just Buy One Office Chair for My Tampa Office?

October 2, 2017

Here’s a common question we’re asked occasionally.

“I just need to replace one office chair — can I buy just one chair from you?”

The answer is yes — Office Furniture 911 works with businesses large and small — and with customers who may need only one chair, or dozens.

Sometimes, business owners or other decision makers need to replace just one chair (or desk or cubicle) because it’s worn out or broken. Additionally, we have clients who purchase just one piece of inventory when they have a new employee added to their workforce.

We also have many repeat clients who rely on us to help them outfit their space as they grow incrementally. They make smaller inventory purchases on a regular basis.

You can choose from our inventory of used furniture — or we can help you select brand new seating.

A new ergonomic chair from Herman Miller perhaps? Or something with a Herman Miller inspired design?

We can help you there too.

From Furniture Selection to Final Delivery – We Do It All

Let our team guide you through the process so you end up with the furniture that best fits your needs. Call for more information today!