Clearwater Office Looking to Used Sell Furniture – Will We Purchase It?

October 4, 2017

Here’s a recent inquiry we received at Office Furniture 911. A customer from Washington, D.C. with a local Clearwater, Florida office sent in this request recently…

Our office in Clearwater is moving to a new location and not taking the furniture with us. I was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing our used office furniture and would you be willing to come by the office an give us an estimate of what you would be willing to pay for all of the furniture?

With inquiries like this, generally the answer is “YES – we’re interested.”

However, it really depends on a few things — our current inventory of used office furniture in our Tampa warehouse, the quality of the used furniture being offered, the brand name, the actual pieces, cost and more.

Each inquiry to sell or liquidate office furniture will need to be evaluated.

We are happy to take reusable office furniture and ‘upcycle’ it — good quality used desks, cubicles, chairs and other inventory can be a great investment for other companies looking to make an office furniture upgrade while on a budget.

Let’s See Your Used Furniture!

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