Closed Tampa Office Looks to Get Rid of Old Desks, Chairs and Other Inventory

October 5, 2017

A customer recently reached out to say…

I have several desk and horizontal file cabinets all wood and chairs for sale. Closed an office.

When requests like this come in, the first step we generally take is to ask for a description of the office furniture — brand, condition, etc. In a perfect world, we’d like to see pictures of the furniture so we can make a quick evaluation as to whether we can purchase the furniture and take it off our customers hands.

Some office furniture is salvageable and can be re-purposed. Some office furniture is really too old, outdated or in poor condition to be resold by our firm (though it may still have value if sold at garage sales, on Craigslist or on Facebook.

If you have office furniture that you’re liquidating, we’d like to evaluate it and pay you if we can take it.

Let’s See Your Used Furniture!

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