Do Office Furniture Stores Handle Delivery and Installs of My Cubicles Too?

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July 18, 2016

This is a pretty common question.


Most office furniture stores that are selling cubicles, workstations and other office furniture will offer delivery and installation as standard service.

Sometimes this service comes at an additional price, so be sure to inquire about delivery and install prices.

What exactly does delivery and install mean?

Most businesses in the Tampa Bay area are not equipped to pick up their office furniture, haul it back to their workplace and correctly install the furniture.

When your furniture is purchased, our account reps will work with you to schedule a delivery and installation time that works for your schedule.

This might be a weekday installation for smaller projects. Sometimes, weekend appointments may be needed depending on the size and scope of your furniture purchase.

Redesigning your office space with 50 new HON workstations will require a fair amount of time and a number of installers. This might require an entire weekend. A smaller project with less cubicles may take just a few hours.

Setting up and assembling your new furniture (that’s what installation really means) requires trained installers who are familiar with the manufacturer or line of furniture…which is more than just a general sense of how modular office furniture fits together. They know how to put together your cubicles quickly, correctly and safely.

Installing cubicles with wall panels, partitions, shelving and many other pieces can be overwhelming if business owners or their employees try to do it themselves.

Also, some companies will manage installation in-house (i.e. their own guys will do it) and some will outsource the cubicle installation work to companies who specialize in workstation moving, install and set up like Office Movers of Florida, a company that provides this service throughout Tampa Bay & Central Florida.

Need more information?

Please call our Tampa office furniture experts at 813-302-9995.

Also, learn more about the process of office cubicle selection here.