Get Rid Of Older Office Furniture, Tampa Florida?

need to sell old office furniture to company in tampa, fl

May 25, 2016

Actual client contact, May 2016

“Hi, I work at (local bank) at Falkenburg Rd & MLK Blvd. We have some office furniture we would like to get rid of. We have some task chairs & some fabric lobby / lounge chairs.

We just need to get rid of them to make space in our storage room. Please contact me & maybe I can send u some pictures to see if u would be interested in them. Thanks”

Liquidating older office furniture is a great option

We get inquiries, like the one above, from people at Tampa area businesses all of the time. They’re looking to get rid of office furniture to make room for new furniture.

Here, it looks as though they’re needing more room within their office space and the furniture is no longer needed.

We like to share our inquiries because we feel like it helps other potential clients better understand what we’re able to do as an office furniture liquidator.

Very simply, if it’s no longer a good fit for your office space, your old desks, chairs and cubicles might have some resell value. Let’s find out together!

Need help getting rid of your office furniture?

As the leading office furniture liquidation company in Tampa Bay, we can help you get rid of your old or surplus office furniture.

For more information, please contact Office Furniture 911 at 813-302-9995.