Looking For a Used Herman Miller Office Chair

want to purchase new or used office furniture for my tampa bay business

May 26, 2016

Actual client contact, May 2016

“Looking for a used Herman Miller office chair if in stock, but am open to similar suggestions.”

— from a North Tampa area client specializing in community property management.

Adding Herman Miller Chair to North Tampa, FL office space

We get inquiries, like the one above, from people at Tampa Bay area businesses all of the time. They’re looking to buy office furniture to add to their existing office space — this time just a single chair.

Quite often, as businesses grow or evolve, their needs — and ‘wants’ evolve too.

This customer was looking to find a high quality, high comfort chair. Herman Miller chairs are know for both, and because they’re so expensive when purchased new, many clients will reach out periodically to see if we have any pre-owned Herman Miller office chairs.

Our inventory of chairs changes frequently. It’s not uncommon for us to get Herman Miller office furniture in to our warehouse — and have it be sold within a matter of hours.

Need a new office chair in Tampa Bay?

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