Largo Firm Upgrades Workspace With New Office Furniture

September 9, 2017

Durable Medical Equipment firm in Largo, Florida — WI Medical — contacted us recently to help them upgrade their office space.

The company was looking to replace existing desk and office chair combinations for 3 offices within their location.

As is usual, an upgrade of desks or workstations will affect the way the way a company views its office chairs as well. They figure that one upgrade impacts the other and that a new desk requires a new chair. The reason? So that the desk and chair match — the color, the styling, the brand.

With WI Medical, they were looking for comfortable, ergonomic office furniture because their owner and employees sat for long periods of time each day. Additionally, they spent a vast amount of their workday behind the desk…so they wanted that time to be ‘quality time’ – comfortable, easy on the back and functional for what they did. They were also looking to find furniture that would look professional and current — an important asset for a company who spends time meeting with clients.

We walked them through options that matched the ‘look/feel’ they were going for (and their budget). In the end, they found a great solution for their office redesign.

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