Tampa Office Furniture Liquidation: Can You Liquidate Office Desks and Credenzas?

need to sell old office furniture to company in tampa, fl

May 27, 2016

Actual client contact, May 2016

“I have 6 office desks with returns and credenzas plus 25 four drawer file cabinets plus additional items. If interested I can provide a list and pictures. Thank you”

From a client in Miami Florida, a sustainable seafood company.

Liquidating office desks and credenzas to our Tampa warehouse

We get inquiries, like the one above, from people at Tampa area businesses all of the time. This particular request came from a customer of ours in Miami, Florida.

Yes, we do purchase liquidated furniture from companies around Florida (and beyond). Our goal is to provide our ‘buying customers’ (who are looking for great deals on used office furniture) great selection as well as a great price.

For our ‘selling customers’ we work hard to ensure we’re getting them a fair price for their pre-owned office furniture when it’s in really good condition.

This client had some very nice office desks that still retained a lot of resell value. They made a great choice by reaching out to our Tampa furniture liquidation experts!

Need help getting rid of your office furniture?

As the leading office furniture liquidation company in Tampa Bay, we can help you get rid of your old or surplus office furniture.

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