Company Closes 2 Tampa Area Locations and Needs to Liquidate Office Furniture

need to sell old office furniture to company in tampa, fl

April 25, 2018

The following is a recent inquiry we received on our website…

Hello, I am inquiring on behalf of (a local) Pain Relief Center chain. We just closed two offices and are looking to sell the furniture associated with said offices. Please let me know what all information you would need to send us pricing for the furniture. Thank you,

Generally, what we’d like to know about acquiring new furniture is:

  • Can we see a picture(s) of the furniture?
  • Can we schedule a visit if needed to view the furniture?
  • What condition is the furniture in? *Generally we can get a good idea from seeing pictures.

Our ability to accept pre-owned furniture and the resell it depends on the current condition (or potential condition if we refurbish it). Also, the furniture brand makes a difference (Herman Miller can be resold, Staples office furniture has less appeal on a resale). And certainly, the type of furniture and quantity makes a difference. There is always a market for well-loved cubicles and workstation. A 50 foot glass conference room table is harder to find a borrower for.

That being said, every piece of furniture is different.

For medical offices (like the inquiry above) there are probably some lobby chairs, desks and chairs and potentially some healthcare oriented furniture.

Need to get rid of you office furniture?

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