Making the Office Furniture Buying Decision Easier in Tampa Bay

October 9, 2017

office furniture tampa

We know that buying office furniture in Tampa can sometimes be a confusing process, especially with so many choices available to you.

There are colors and design styles to consider. Functionality and usability. Comfort and ergonomics. There are measurements and floor space to keep in mind. And budget.

At Office Furniture 911, our goal is to help simplify the furniture buying process — and help you find the best furniture for your workspace and your employees.

Often, our clients don’t really know where to start. They know they have a need, but they don’t know the best way to search for furniture.

Our solution often begins with a conversation, where we ask a variety of questions — for example:

  • “How many desks do you need?”
  • “Are you looking for new or used pieces?”
  • “What colors were you thinking about?”
  • “Do you have a design style in mind?”
  • “Do you need us to come and take measurements of your office space?”
  • “Will you need delivery and installation?”

From there, we’re better able to determine exactly what our clients need. It can also help us to present better options — better constructed furniture or less expensive alternatives perhaps.

It’s also proven to be a good way for our clients to get ensure they’re getting all of the pieces they need to make their office run smoothly. Sometimes we have clients who focus solely on the desk and chair for each employee, but forget about file storage, cubicle partitions, additional seating and more.

Let’s Make It Easy

Let our team guide you through the process so you end up with the furniture that best fits your needs. Call for more information today!