Need New Furniture To Upgrade Sales Area in Clearwater, FL Office

want to purchase new or used office furniture for my tampa bay business

May 26, 2016

Actual client contact, May 2016

“Please call me to schedule a visit to our office to upgrade our sales area. Thank you”

— from Jolene at a Clearwater business that specializes in surplus surgical equipment.

Adding new furniture to Clearwater, FL office space

We get inquiries, like the one above, from people at Tampa Bay area businesses all of the time. They’re looking to buy office furniture to add to their existing office space.

Quite often, as businesses age and evolve, their needs for office furniture change. Sometimes they’re looking to add to existing furniture set. Sometimes they have new employees and need to add cubicles or office desks.

In this case, the client was upgrading the office space they used for sales and client meetings. They needed comfortable and functional tables and chairs.

Need new — or used — office furniture?

As one of the leading office furniture store in Tampa Bay, we can help you find the additional office furniture pieces you need.

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