Office Furniture Liquidation in Tampa Bay

May 13, 2016

If liquidating your old office furniture is a challenging task, Office Furniture 911 can help.

We’re an office furniture liquidation supplier — that means we work with companies looking to get rid of old furniture — and then take that furniture and either dispose of it or refurbish it and sell it.

For most local Tampa area business owners, the goal is to get old furniture out quickly so they can bring in new furniture they’ve purchased.

Liquidate — or get rid of…

What we’ve found over the years is that as companies grow, contract or upgrade their look, they begin shopping for new office furniture. At that point, the old desks, out of style cubicles and uncomfortable chairs are no longer needed.

Someone at the office is put in charged of ‘getting rid of — or liquidating’ the furniture.

That’s when a call is placed to a company like Office Furniture 911 who specializes in liquidated office furniture in Tampa.

If the furniture is in good condition and can be reused by another local company, we can arrange to purchase the furniture from you. If the furniture is no longer usable, we can offer suggestions as to how to best dispose of the furniture. You’d be surprised how well used office cubicles hold up. Similarly, used office furniture can be refurbished to look nearly new again.

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Get help choosing office furniture for your Tampa Bay workplace

If the search for affordable office cubicles, desks or chairs is too challenging or time consuming, we can work with you to make the process easier. You can just tell us what type or style of furniture or business equipment you’re looking for and we can search our inventory that best fits your needs.

For more information, please contact Office Furniture 911 at 813-443-4493.