Tampa Office Workers Are Increasing the Demand for Popular Sit to Stand Desks

sit to stand desks tampa

April 20, 2018

One new office trend that’s building quickly here in Tampa and across Central Florida is the use of Sit to Stand Desks.

You may have seen these before. They allow a user to sit at their desk (like you normally would) and to also raise the desk if they’d like to stand while working.

Proponents of Sit to Stand Desks say that the ability to go from a sitting position to a standing position throughout the day is better for a users body. Apparently, “sitting is the new heart disease” and isn’t healthy — you’re sedentary, you’re neck and back posture isn’t good and you’re limited to just one position.

Today’s Sit to Stand furniture — desks, lecterns, tables and more offer a wide variety of positions and configurations. At Office Furniture 911, we work with a variety of brand name office furniture manufacturers who have created height adjustable desks and tables to match all types of office decor, functionality and price points.

One brand (whose sit to stand desk is featured in the image above) is Friant. “Friant’s My-Hite tables were designed to promote the type of very adaptable workspace, that reduces discomfort, by allowing the users the ability to sit, stand or adjust their workstations with total flexibility, up to three pre-sets on the work surface.”

Friant — like other furniture brands — offers a selection of sit to stand desks and tables. Our team can work with you to match the right desk or table to your workspace and working requirements. You can even come and visit our office furniture showroom in Tampa to see these desks “in action” and we can answer any questions you may have.

*note: Sit to Stand Furniture is also referred to as Standing Office Furniture or Adjustable Height Office Furniture

Image Credit: Friant My-Hite Collection


Is Sit to Stand Office Furniture The Right Fit for Your Team?

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