Quick Review of SitOnIt Chairs in Tampa

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Oct. 29, 2018

SitOnIt Seating® is a brand of furniture that we carry at Office Furniture 911.

The furniture line is a great source for ergonomic office chairs, conference chairs, multipurpose chairs, stacking chairs, custom chairs and much more.

We find that businesses throughout Tampa Bay, when they’re first introduced to SitOnIt Seating chairs as an option, will remark that they love the styles and options that are available. Most business owners and other office furniture buying decision makers are completely unfamiliar with the brand. But once they see designs, fabrics and color options – and they sit in one – they’re generally hooked.

Here’s a recent Google Review that one happy customer left for us.

“I went there with a chair in mind but Bill took care of me and recommended a similar product that was new and I love it. I left with a SitOnIt Torsa and highly recommend visiting this store. The staff were humorous and pleasant to work with. – Sean”

And our reply.

“Sean – thanks for the review. Yes, finding the right office chair is super important especially as so many of us sit for long periods throughout the workday. Glad we could help!”

sit on it office chair

Searching for new office chairs for your Tampa office space?

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