Renovating Older Spaces in St. Pete Can Help Drive Office Furniture Sales

December 8, 2017

There was a great article today in the Business Observer: Old as New

We like hearing stories like this because with every renovation of space comes an increase in the demand for a variety of office furniture solutions.

Certainly, with companies coming into the space, there will be a need for desks, benching systems, office chairs and much more. Many of these companies, especially if they are committing to longer leases in a newly renovated building in St. Pete, will look to do a complete office transformation — with interior design, space planning, employee workflow, efficiency plans and, yes…finally the furniture that fits within the entire scheme.

Here’s a quick quote from the article (read the full article here).

“Many office investors would have balked at buying a half-empty, 240,000-square-foot property that dates to the 1920s, needed some serious rehabilitation and was leased primarily to a legacy media company.

Steven Denholtz embraced the idea.

The CEO of New Jersey-based Denholtz Associates and partner of Tampa-based Convergent Capital Partners also bought into the notion of spending millions of dollars in the wake of the $19 million acquisition of 490 First Ave. S., in downtown St. Petersburg, to renovate, modernize and improve the eight-story structure.

Denholtz Associates and Convergent Capital Partners acquired the eight-story office building at 490 First Ave. S. in St. Petersburg in April 2016 for $19 million. They have since undertaken a comprehensive renovation of the property.”

The greater Tampa Bay area is continuing to see a revitalization of it’s workspaces — what’s next on the horizon?

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