Replacement Office Furniture After the Hurricane, Tampa Bay

September 12, 2017

The Tampa Bay area business community will be dealing with cleanup and restoration for days, weeks and even months in some cases.

We know that hundreds of business owners will be working hard to restore some sort of normalcy to business operations.

And while it will be relatively low on the list of ‘things to do’ we know that finding replacement office furniture could become important — whether it’s right away so that employees can start working again — or down the road once offices and buildings are repaired.

Chairs, workstations, desks and other furniture are subject to rain damage and other issues, especially for buildings that suffered leaks, flooding or more permanent structural damage.

Fortunately, Office Furniture 911 offers a wide selection of used office furniture that can be used as temporary office furniture or replacement furniture. We carry a fair amount of furniture at our showroom in Tampa. We also work closely with other dealers across Florida and the Southeast to help you find the right used furniture for your space.

Office Furniture is here to support our local community.

Office Furniture Solutions for Tampa Bay’s Modern Workspace

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