Need to Replace Office Furniture Ruined During Hurricane Irma?

October 3, 2017

flooded office space florida

Hurricane Irma ravaged a large part of Florida a few weeks ago. Many businesses are still recovering and are slowly making their way back to service their clients, customers and patients.

At Office Furniture 911, we’ve heard from many companies who are need of replacement office furniture after the hurricane. Their workplaces were damaged with wind, flooding and molding — often losing much or all of their office furniture. That’s put their businesses ‘on hold’ or made getting the job done a little bit harder.

And whether you’re paying out of pocket or are relying on insurance payouts for new furniture, you’re probably trying to get that furniture as quickly as possible so your company can ‘get back to work.’

We’re finding that many companies are choosing used furniture instead of new. The reason? It’s easier to find furniture and get it delivered and installed quickly — which is very important for businesses who are having to replace everything.

Our team is ready to help you acquire all the furniture you need — from cubicles and desks, to chairs, filing systems and more. We can help you find the colors, styles and designs that are a good fit for your office space and meet the budget requirements you have. If you’re searching for new furniture, we can help you with that search as well.

Let’s Get You Back to Work

Let our team guide you through the process so you end up with the furniture that best fits your needs. Call for more information today!