How Much Money Can I Save Buying Used Office Furniture?

August 17, 2016

Here is another question we’re asked frequently —

I own a small business in Tampa — how much money can I save when buying used office furniture instead of new furniture?

The answer is that…there is absolutely no question that you’ll save money buying used office furniture instead of brand new furniture.

Often, we tell clients that pre-owned, good quality furniture can be had for 50% – 70% off (or more) of the original price.

A Herman Miller Aeron Chair for example — with all the bells and whistles includes can retail for as much as ~$1,300 per chair. A used version of the Aeron chair can be had for $600 – $900. *note: this is just an example of past sales….

Exactly how much you’ll save really depends on a number of different factors, including:

  • the condition of the furniture
  • the available inventory
  • how long the inventory has been sitting in a showroom or warehouse (pieces that have been there longer may be sold for less)
  • where you buy your furniture (which office furniture store, which area of Florida)
  • certain office furniture brands may retain more value, even when used
  • certain “high-demand” items (like Aeron Chairs) may retain more value, even when used
  • the amount of items (desks, chairs, etc.) that you’re buying (bulk discounts may apply)

You can request an estimate from our office to find out exactly how much money you’ll save buying used furniture for your office.

Most clients will call and tell us what they need — or will look to us to help them find the right used furniture (or new furniture) for their specific use.

How can we help you find the office furniture that you need?

Looking for more information during your furniture search? No matter where your business is located within the Tampa Bay area, we can help.

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