Tampa Bay Businesses Dig Out After Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017

As the water begins to recede from area coast lines, bays and waterways, local Tampa businesses are ‘getting back to work’ — only much of that work is devoted to cleanup and restoration after Hurricane Irma’s powerful winds blew across the region.

Hundreds of businesses around the bay are today dealing with roof leaks, roof damage, wind damage, downed signage, flooding issues and destruction of business equipment along with the goods they manufacture or sell. For many, it will be days and weeks before business is back to normal.

The economic impact of businesses who are not fully operational could be tremendous. And even for those who are able to get business back up and running quickly, they’ll be affected by other businesses not being at fully speed and by consumers not yet ready to spend money as freely as they deal with their own issues.

Office Furniture 911 wish everyone a speedy recovery.

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