Time Ticking on End of Year 2017 Office Budgets

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December 8, 2017

We know that when most local Tampa area companies are facing year end deadlines, buying office furniture is the last thing on their mind.

But for some, desk or office chair shopping is the right at the top. In fact, for some companies, it may be one of the most important ‘to-dos’ on the list as December winds down and beofre the new year begins.

Why is that?

Well, many companies have office space leases that end in December or January and a move necessitated by that lease ending might require new office furniture to be acquired. We find that whoever is coordinating the move will need to determine what furniture is making the move and what new furniture may need to be added. It may also dictate the selling of older furniture as well.

Some companies find that the holidays are a good time to hire — or the companies are large and essentially are making hires year round. Generally a new hire of an employee will mean new furniture is purchased as well.

Many companies find that the holidays are a slower period and will use this time to do two things — 1) make improvements to their office space or rearrange their existing space and 2) make plans for getting rid of clutter. That may dictate the purchase or liquidation of office furniture.

Whatever the reason, Office Furniture 911 is here to help make the buying or selling of office furniture go smoothly. And yes, everyone wants things to go smoothly during the holidays!

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