What Do Office Cubicles Cost in Tampa?

what do cubicles cost

July 15, 2016

Like anything else…cars, houses or dining experiences…the cost of office cubicles can vary dramatically.

Used cubicles can be found for as low as $300 – $500 per cubicle (and sometimes less) and new cubicles can range from $2,500 to $10,000 per cubicle depending on the brand, dimensions and other factors.

The question you may be asking is “are you buying your workstations from Craigslist…or from a local office furniture company with a real storefront?”

This is where your budget really comes in to play…and it’s important to understand your budget and your employee’s needs prior to shopping for cubicles.

Importantly too, sharing your budget and your needs and wants helps your office furniture store representative to find the best match — the best quality cubicle at the most budget friendly price.

The source of your office cubicles may not mean much to you. But it purchasing workstations from a reputable company in Tampa is important — and you value the expertise and knowledge of the folks at the furniture dealer — then a dealer is probably more suited to your needs.

More than likely, you’ll have questions about cubicle arrangement and set-up, delivery and installation among other questions. Having someone who can accurately answer your questions about your cubicle purchase is important.

Need more information? Read our entire 3,000+ word Essential Guide to Buying Office Cubes.

What do cubicles cost?

Let our office furniture experts help you better understand how to maximize your office furniture budget.

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