What’s the Most Common Cubicle Size?

July 19, 2016

This is a pretty common question we’re asked from business owners and office managers here in Tampa.

“What’s the most common size of office cubes?”

The reality though is this is pretty specific to each individual company and their needs.

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Most cubicles are 5 x 5 up to 8 x 10

Obviously, the size and shape of office cubicles varies.

A call center near the Tampa Airport might have smaller cubicles because they have 250 employees working around the clock managing customer services calls. They just need less space per employee, so a 5 x 5 cubicle dimension makes more sense for them (and in fact, the dimension size might even be smaller)!

A downtown Tampa law firm might have much larger workstations to accommodate the specific needs of their attorneys, paralegals and other office staff. A local Tampa startup might need some ‘hand-holding’ to help them best determine what type of cubicles they should be looking to buy.

When is size important?

The size of your office cubicles and workstations becomes important when your office space dictates that you need to fit a certain number of employees within a certain space — a room for example. The more people that need to work within a room, the smaller the cubicle footprint will need to be.

This is where Space Planning and other services come into play. An account rep with Office Furniture 911 will work with you to help you articulate the dimension and arrangement of your cubicles so they best fit within the space that you have.

When is size less important?

Other factors that come into play when selection new office cubicles include the color, styles and functionality.

Will your workstations require high walls? Will they require shelving? Will the pieces be connected or will they be stand alone workstations.

What about configurations? U-shaped and L-shaped desks within the modular set up may be determined by how the workstations need to be used, how other furniture fits into the workstation or how pathways in the office need to be set up.

There is a lot to think about!

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