When Buying Used Cubicles in Tampa, is the Selection Limited?

large selection of used office cubicles tampa bay florida

July 17, 2016

It’s true.

Cubicle selection and inventory can be limited when you’re shopping for used cubicles specifically.

Most used office furniture stores will have an ever-changing inventory.

You can see our cubicle inventory here.

How it works…

Stores will purchase liquidated office cubicles from other companies, refurbish them and then look to move them quickly.

For example, they may purchase 25 HON Accelerate workstations. from a business in Florida that is either downsizing and no longer needs the furniture…or one that is upgrading their office design and has outgrown their older cubicles.

An engineering firm in St. Pete may purchase 15 of them and then there are 10 remaining workstations.

Another company in Lakeland (like a CPA firm) may want 8 and then there are 2 remaining.

You get the idea! The selection can be limited to begin with and then dwindle from there.

What if I need to get office cubicles quickly for my Tampa office?

If you’re looking for a quick cubicle installation, most furniture stores will have furniture on hand. Again, the selection may be somewhat limited, especially if you’re searching for specific colors, styles or furniture brands.

If you’re not, this makes the cubicle buying experience a lot easier.

What’s the best way to proceed?

It’s best to reach out to an office furniture store and let them know what types of cubicles you’re interested in and the number of cubicles you require.

From there, they can actively seek out cubicle inventory for you.

With new cubicles, limited selection does not come into play.

However, lead times are important. Buying brand new cubicles requires advance planning. From initial order to final delivery may take a few weeks or even longer

How can we help?

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