Herman Miller Office Cubicles Available

June 9, 2016

Herman Miller, one of the name brand leaders in office furniture — especially here in Tampa Bay — is generally recognized as the “inventor of the office cubicle.”

You know these guys — they sell one of the most well known pieces of office furniture in the world — the super comfortable (and nice to look at) Aeron Chair.

They also sell a great selection of modular workstations — or office cubicles — as well.


**NOTE: used Aeron Chairs in Tampa are available on a regular basis. We get a lot of them passing through the warehouse. You wouldn’t believe how often companies will cycle through these chairs and then give them up after 2-3 years.

Please contact us at 813-302-9995 for more information!

Buying Herman Miller office cubicles, Tampa Florida

Today, Herman Miller makes a variety of different office cubicle styles (they call them workstations — perhaps a cooler word than cubicle). Click here to see them new.

Looking for used or pre-owned Herman Miller Cubicles? Yes – you can get Mad Men or Silicon Valley styled Herman Miller Office Cubicles here in Tampa. You really can. You just have to know who to call.

Our local Tampa cubicle experts are always searching for great deals on cubicles that we can pass on to our clients. We work with companies across the U.S. to find liquidated office furniture. We know the value of Herman Miller cubicles…as well as chairs and other pieces.

We have clients like attorneys or ad agencies who want the best office furniture they can afford (and often we’re able to get such great deals on high quality, pre-owned Herman Miller cubes that their own employees don’t even know their sitting at used cubicles)!

Is there a secret to getting these awesome cubicles?

The only real trick or secret is, if you’re looking to purchase used Herman Miller office workstations, you’ll want to give yourself as much lead time as possible.

If you’re buying new cubicles, it’s not a problem. You just select the styles you like. Buy if you want to save money on discount cubicles, you may not always find them in stock in our Ybor warehouse. Sometimes we’ll need to reach out through our dealer network to find the style, colors, configurations and amount of cubicles that fit your office needs.

But don’t worry — we do this all the time — and we’d be excited to do it for your Tampa Bay company as well.

Please contact us at 813-302-9995 for more information!