Low Priced Office Chairs

Low Priced Office Chairs

Priced from $40 – $125, who says buying office chairs for your Tampa Bay office space has to be expensive?


The reality is that used office furniture is a secret for many Tampa Bay area businesses. At Office Furniture 911, they’re able to buy high quality office furniture at drastically reduced prices.

One of the key reasons for buying used office chairs, desks and cubicles is that most people — your employees or your office visitors most likely won’t know the difference between new and used furniture.

The furniture we sell, while pre-owned by other companies throughout Florida, is selected because of how it looks. The furniture is either in really good condition or it is refurbished by our office furniture experts.

Our customers are able to save a lot of money and stay within budget on a wide selection of furniture for their office.

Here are a few examples of office chairs and their pricing.

**Note: our inventory is always changing. Please visit our office chair and seating link for the latest pieces. Or, please call 813-302-9995 if you’re searching for specific office chairs for your business.

Steelcase Wood Guest Chair

The Steelcase guest chair has blue and black fabric choices with cherry wood veneer frame. Priced at $125 per chair. 8 chairs available.


Teknion Task Chair

The Teknion task chair has a black and grey patterned fabric. Priced at $65 per chair. 107 chairs available.


Steelcase Guest Chair

This Steelcase guest chair has a plastic seat and back, navy colored, on a chrome frame. Priced at $40 per chair. 97 chairs available.


Allsteel Energy Task Chair

This task chair from Allsteel has black fabric and black frame. Priced at $70 per chair. 13 chairs available.


National Wood Guest Chair

These guest chairs from National are mahogany veneer with a maroon fabric. Priced at $100 per chair. 18 chairs available.


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