Tampa Cubicles

Tampa Cubicles: It’s All About The Dimensions

Shopping for new office cubicles?

While the process may seem challenging at first (especially if you’ve never purchased cubicles for your office space before), it’s really not that difficult.

One of the key things to understand before you even begin your search is — your space.

Understanding your space (what we refer to as Space Planning) means knowing what size cubicles you’ll need and how those cubicles should be positioned to maximize space within the office and how those cubicles impact the flow of traffic (i.e. do they allow for people to get around the office without being an obstacle?

Measure 2x, purchase 1x

It’s important to measure the dimensions of your office space or open area so you know the exact amount of space that you have. This is certainly true when buying multiple cubes, especially those workstations that are connected, have different configurations or are from different brands.

Our office furniture experts can help you with this process — we want to make sure we’re providing you the right sized cubicles for your space too. Having the blueprint of your office space is helpful as well.

Get help choosing office cubicles for your space

If the search for new cubicles is to challenging or time consuming, we can work with you to make the process easier. You can just tell us what type or style of office cubicles you’re looking for and we can search our inventory or seek out the specific cubes for you.

For more information, please contact Office Furniture 911 at 813-443-4493.