Tampa Startup Companies Need Office Furniture Too

May 23, 2016

desks and chairs for tampa startup company

It’s true — whether you’re a well established Tampa company or a new startup with 2 people and a great idea — at some point you’re going to need office furniture (assuming you’ve moved out of the incubator garage space)!

Startup businesses in Tampa are often looking for lower cost office space and inexpensive office furniture. The reality is that with cash flow small or ‘not happening yet’ many startups have a limited operating budget. That means spending lavishly on cool office space in South Tampa or buying the latest Herman Miller office furniture is not really an option.

Used office furniture is a great option

The good news is that used office furniture can be a great option, especially at Tampa startups can get high quality furniture that impresses…at a super low cost when compared to buying new.

Generally, smaller companies can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars when choosing a pre-owned desk, cubicle or chair. That’s a smart move for a startup who is more focused on their actual idea than the idea of wasting money on new furniture.

A resource for local Tampa startups….

My Startup Tampa Bay is a resource for local Tampa startups…from their website….

“Are you curious about your first step to starting a business? Do you want to explore if you have an idea that can grow into a business? The support and resources for startups in Tampa Bay are endless and the startup community is thriving.

Navigating these resources can be tricky and confusing for first time entrepreneurs. Or even for more seasoned entrepreneurs that are venturing into a different market. MyStartUpTampaBay is designed to help you navigate the ecosystem and discover why Tampa Bay is the best place to launch your business!”

Learn more about events you can join:

See their resources map:

Get help choosing office furniture for your Tampa Bay workplace

If the search for affordable office cubicles, desks or chairs is too challenging or time consuming, we can work with you to make the process easier. You can just tell us what type or style of furniture or business equipment you’re looking for and we can search our inventory that best fits your needs.

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