Refurbished Office Cubicles

What Are Refurbished Call Center Cubicles?

Very simply, refurbished call center cubicles are used cubicles that have been made to ‘look new’ again.

Similar to a pre-owned vehicle, these cubicles were originally used by another company. At Office Furniture 911, we’ve taken these used cubicles, inspected them, cleaned them and are offering them for sale at reduced prices.

The benefit for our customers is that they get ‘like new’ office furniture at discounted prices. They’re able to save hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the amount of call center cubicles or call center workstations they need.

View our cubicle inventory by clicking here.

Our inventory changes weekly as we receive new inventory and move out current inventory. If you don’t see the exact office furniture brands, models or design options you’re seeking, please contact our office. We often have more furniture than our website shows. You’re also able to schedule a visit to our Ybor City location.

How Do We Refurbish Used Call Center Cubicles?

To be considered refurbished, call center workstations and cubicles must go through a process to make them ‘like new’ again. That process includes:

  • Ensuring we have all pieces, parts and components need for setup and assembly
  • Fixing or repairing damages, discolorations, scratches – anything that might make the cubicles unattractive to a buyer
  • Cleaning the furniture and wall panels or partitions
  • Inspecting the cubicles for structural integrity, safety and overall quality

We have a team at our warehouse that inspects and cleans all furniture prior to resale.

Why Do Used Call Center Cubicles Become Available?

Again, like pre-owned cars, there is a market for used office furniture. Local Tampa companies are always growing, expanding or downsizing. When they do so, sometimes their older furniture is no longer able to be used in the same way it once was. At that point, these companies sell or liquidate their used furniture to us.

Other reasons for outgrowing current furniture may include office interior redesigns, office relocations, management changes or damages to related pieces like chairs or wall panels that necessitate all new furniture.

Benefits of Used Cubicles vs. New Cubicles

The main reason why our clients choose used call center cubicles instead of purchasing new ones is due to the cost. Used furniture can often be found for a significant savings in comparison to new. This is especially beneficial for smaller companies or businesses who prefer their cash flow be used for other business needs.

Our clients rely on us to help them save money on their office furniture. They also rely on us to help them choose the right combination of furniture — wall panels heights, cubicle dimensions, the right office chairs and more.

Used cubicles often make more sense because of the type of employee using the workstation. Large call centers in Tampa and Orlando often have 2 or 3 shifts of employees using the same cubes. The ‘investment’ in the cube can be less because of the constant use — often a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week usage. It’s less expensive to purchase used call center cubicles, even if those cubicles need to be replaced more frequently.

We Get Your Office Setup Quickly

Remember, selecting your new cubicles is just the first step to transforming your call center. Once you’ve decided on your furniture, our teams will then ensure timely delivery, installation and proper setup of your cubicles within your space.

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