What is Office Furniture Liquidation?

It’s a common question we’re asked at Office Furniture 911.

Not sure what liquidating your office furniture means?

Liquidation is really more of an office furniture industry term — when companies in Tampa or around Florida need to get rid of their old office furniture, they sell it to companies like Office Furniture 911.

So basically, liquidation just means to get rid of or sell used office furniture. Sometimes we describe our company as a furniture liquidator. When you don’t want it or need it any longer — but believe it still has value — we can buy it from you.

Why do Tampa businesses get rid of old furniture?

Most often, this happens because your company is downsizing, relocating your office or just upgrading your current furniture to something nicer (or newer or more consistent with your office design).

Our company will purchase used cubicles, office desks, chairs and other office furniture.

Remember — by doing this, you are also helping the environment by recycling — other companies may want to purchase your old furniture. Also, for some, selling old office furniture can be used as a valuable tax write off!

How does office furniture liquidation work?

When you have furniture inventory to get rid of, we’ll schedule an appointment to come see the furniture. If your furniture has value, we’ll tell you and work on a price. If it doesn’t, and you are unable to donate or sell the furniture, we are happy to provide a quote to remove and dispose of it through the proper channels.

If we’re purchasing your furniture, our removal teams will schedule a time to procure (or pick up) the furniture from your office space. These teams are trained to get in, disassemble and remove your old furniture quickly with as little interruption as possible.

We buy:

  • Used cubicles and workstations
  • Office desks
  • Tables of all kinds
  • Seating and chairs
  • Bookscases, filing cabinets and more

Need more information?

Please call our Tampa office at 813-443-4493.