Call Center Furniture

Looking for call center furniture in Tampa Bay?

Getting Started

We know that when our clients (both existing and new clients) have a need for new cubicles, they often have a pretty good idea of what they need — how many cubicles, the size and dimensions of the their office space and the colors or styles of workstations they’re looking for.

Importantly too, they know what their budget for their cubicles is (or at least have a dollar figure in mind for what they’re willing to spend). Sometimes this budget is relatively accurate and sometimes we need to educate clients on what cubicles they can get within the budget that they have.

It’s important to note that Office Furniture 911 is experienced in supplying call centers with new cubicles — from initial cubicle selection to space planning to delivery and installation management.

We understand that choosing the best call center furniture is really dependent on finding cubicles that match your employees or your company’s exact needs.

What call center furniture brands do we carry?

Because we are an office furniture liquidation company working with clients throughout Florida, we have access to all brands of office furniture, from top name brands like Herman Miller, HON, and Global to many other brands that, while less familiar by name, still offer quality furniture that would fit well in most any call center setting.

Our goal is to match your needs with either existing furniture within our inventory — or go out and acquire the office furniture you need at the prices that meet your budget.

What call center furniture inventory do we carry?

At Office Furniture 911, we continually have a variety of call center office furniture to choose from, including:

  • Cubicles and workstations
  • Cubicles for telemarketing and customer service calls
  • Executive and computer desks
  • Wall panels, screens, partitions and dividers
  • Office chairs of all kinds
  • Filing cabinets

Let’s talk about your office furniture needs…

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