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Hey Tampa — Is a Height Adjustable Desk Right For You and Your Office Space?

One of the latest office furniture trends impacting the Tampa Bay area’s workforce is the growing interest in Standing Desks, Ergonomic Desks and Sit Stand Workstations.

As local Tampa office workers spend more time behind the desk working, they’ve also come to realize that sitting in the same spot wasn’t comfortable, nor were the long time healthy implications beneficial.

So, at Office Furniture 911, we’ve fielded more and more inquiries for Sit Stand Furniture and wanted to share information with you.

And if you’re looking to add adjustable height furniture to your space, we’d love to have you visit our Tampa showroom to see these desks and tables “in action.”

What exactly is a Sit Stand Desk?

Sit to stand desks are desks that can be raised or lowered, allowing you to sit at your desk (like you normally would) or stand at your desk.

The flexibility of doing so allows you to work more comfortably and have more control of how you work at your desk. Adjustable office furniture isn’t limited to just desks — it also includes tables, lecterns and cubicles — and can come in a variety of colors, styles and configurations to easily match your requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Sit Stand Desk While Working?

The main benefits are health and comfort. Scientific studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time behind a desk can be detrimental to your health — decreased blood flow to your legs and feet and weakening of back, abdominal and leg muscles.

It’s why so many doctors suggest getting out from behind the desk when possible…walking around, stretching and exercising those less used lower body muscles.

Using a stand up desk allow you to be more mobile and less restricted. Some of our Tampa area clients just find that, overall, they’re more comfortable when they can stand and work. Other suggest they’re more mentally focused and alert too!

What Do Sit Stand Desks Cost in Tampa?

Like many other types of office furniture (like Aeron Chairs or Office Cubicles), these desks will range in price based on the manufacturer or brand, the features of the desk and whether you’re buying the desk brand new or you’re buying a used desk.

New sit to stand desks or workstations can range from as low as $300 to $1,500 or more.

If you’re looking to buy a used sit stand desk in Tampa Bay, you can find desks ranging from $250 to $500 (assuming you’re looking for a desk that’s in decent shape).

*To help you find the best sit stand desk option for your personal use or for your company’s employees, it’s best to speak with one of our furniture account reps. We can help you find the right desk, whether new or used.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Sit Stand Desk in Tampa?

We find that people begin to research standing desks because 1) they’re tired of sitting all day and want another option that’s healthier for them and 2) they’ve seen a sit to stand desk in someone else’s office and were intrigued or ‘sold’ on the idea.

Mainly, we find that our clients here in Florida are realizing that they don’t have to be locked in to just sitting at a desk. These standing desks give them the freedom to move around while still being active and work-focused.

So, what should you be looking for when evaluating adjustable desks or workstations?

Features — it’s what always separates one desk from another. It’s important to think through exactly how you plan to use your desk. Will you sit more than stand? What about room underneath the desk for storage and accessories? Will the new desk need to work with the setup of your existing space or office layout? Choose from a variety of base options, weight capacities and accessories.

Sturdiness — Stability is one of the key features you’ll want to consider. You want a standing desk that can be raised and lowered frequently, but still maintain its stability. You don’t want it to rock back and forth or be susceptible to tipping over with your computer on it.

You want it to remain stable at any height. Generally the cheaper the desk, the less stable and well built it is. Also, the more legs a desk has, the more stable it likely will be. Some desks have one post, others have 3 or 4 legs.

Height Adjustment — Does the height adjusting mechanism, either a hand crank or electric motor work properly? Will it allow you to adjust the height at any level and maintain the stability once it’s there?

Pre-Sets for Height Adjustment — A cool feature is the ability with some models to set height levels with just the push of a button, great for time saving and increased versatility.

Motor Noise — If it’s an electric sit stand desk, how loud is the motor noise and will that be an issue for you or your office co-workers?

Lifting Capacity — This is probably an afterthought, but it’s important to know how much weight can be lifted and maintained on the desk top surface.

Cable Management Concerns — With your computer, monitor, speakers or other digital devices…what’s the best way to feed cables and wires to the places they need to go and will the raising and lowering of the desk impact whether those cords are stretched? Can they be pulled out of a wall socket?

Portability — Will you need to move your desk around the office or will it be stationary? Some office workers may require portability as this extra functionality let you have even more flexibilty within your office space.

Assembly — Will you have to spend an entire workday putting together your desk or will it be simple to do so? If buying multiple standing desks for your office, will you need to have professional office furniture installers set up the desks for you?

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