Why Buy Used Tampa Office Furniture?

When it comes to buying new office furniture for your Tampa Bay office space, you have two choices.

You can invest in brand new office furniture — or — you can purchase high quality used furniture.

The decision (whether to by new or used) is often dictated by price…

Mainly, it’s because used office furniture is substantially cheaper…

The reality is that used office furniture is much less expensive than buying new furniture. Often, Tampa companies can expect to pay 50% – 75% less — that’s a substantial savings, especially when you’re purchasing a large amount of furniture.

Not every company in Tampa Bay can afford — or wants to afford — brand new desks, chairs and workstations. The investment doesn’t always make sense.

Imagine outfitting a call center with new cubicles. Going with used and refurbished call center cubicles can literally save thousands of dollars. That’s thousands of dollars that savvy business owners would rather invest back into their business than spend on office furniture.

Importantly, when buying used furniture that’s been cleaned and refurbished correctly, many employees or visitors to your office won’t even know that the furniture is not brand new. That’s a comforting thought!

Other reasons for buying used furniture for your office space include:

  • Businesses that don’t need new furniture
  • Businesses that have a constant employee turnover — like call centers and customer services centers
  • Businesses who have less budget to spend
  • Businesses who may be moving soon and just need temporary office furniture

Get help choosing office furniture for your Tampa Bay workplace

If the search for affordable office cubicles, desks or chairs is too challenging or time consuming, we can work with you to make the process easier. You can just tell us what type or style of furniture or business equipment you’re looking for and we can search our inventory that best fits your needs.

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